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As a Mom, I’m concerned about the products I use on my body and around my home. As part of my mission to go green, I’m trying to eliminate as many harmful chemicals as possible. The problem is, choosing the best Eco-friendly products can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why I was so excited to be introduced to Eccocentric Mom


About Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom is a unique subscription service. They research and find the most natural, healthy and organic products that are exclusively for moms, pregnancy, and babies. As an Ecocentric Mom subscriber, you’ll be introduced to the most ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses with the highest-quality products. Each box holds 5-9 hand selected products that are not only gentle on your body, but the earth as well.  Unlike many other subscription boxes, Ecocentric Mom contains full-sized and large sample sized products. Their boxes are delivered to your door every other month. 

Ecocentric Mom Boxes

Ecocentric Mom offers three different types of subscription boxes. Whether you’re a Mom-to-Be, a new Mom or a seasoned Mom they have the perfect box for you. Each box comes filled with Eco-friendly products you’re sure to love! 


Here are the options to choose from:

Mom Discovery Box: This box is for any Mom. It has products that cover the needs of first time moms all the way to moms with teenagers and beyond. Filled with healthy, non-toxic, Eco-friendly products. The types of products you’ll find in this box includes: skin care, make-up, spa/pampering, healthy home, organic foods and natural wellness products. This box offers the perfect blend of products for Moms’ at any stage of motherhood. This box costs $24 and is delivered every other month. 

Pregnancy Discovery Box: This box is perfect for expectant mothers. It holds a wealth of products for pregnant moms’ who want to feel confident about the products they’re using. The products within this box are not only safe during pregnancy, but they are also Eco-friendly to protect the planet for your baby on the way. It contains the perfect blend of products from natural skin care and make-up to organic, whole food prenatal vitamins and treats. This box costs $24 and is delivered every other month. 

Mom & Baby Discovery BoxThis box is for designed for Moms’ with newborns to 18 months. Each box from this category comes filled with fun, safe surprises. You’ll be introduced to a variety of valuable baby care items such as: diapers/wipes, skin care (washes, creams), organic 1st foods, organic cotton clothes and so much more. The box helps you grow an Eco-baby, while pampering yourself each month. This box costs $24 and is delivered every other month. 

My Experience with Ecocentric Mom

There are a variety of subscription boxes to choose from these days, but Ecocentric Mom takes subscription boxes to the next level. If you’re tired of receiving tiny samples in the mail every month and are looking for a subscription box that contains valuable, useful products then look no further. The Ecocentric Mom box is by far my FAVORITE subscription box. I was pleasantly surprised to find the box stuffed with full-sized products I couldn’t wait to try!  

PicMonkey Collage

Each box includes a description card for its contents. The card provides valuable information such as: company websites and discount codes. The card also includes tips for being an Eco-friendly family. Love it! 

Inside my Ecocentric Mom Box

Since my kids are 6 and 9, I chose the Ecocentric Mom Discovery Box. This box was truly a treat and I’ve been enjoying each and every product since the day it arrived. What a fantastic way to try (and fall in love with) new natural, organic and Eco-friendly products! I can’t wait to show you what was in my box. Here we go! 🙂 

Bioray After the Flow ($58)

Bioray After the Flow

After The Flow is a natural, dietary supplement that nourishes and strengthens the blood and body after a woman’s menstrual cycle. It contains a blend of roots that are said to improve absentmindedness when used regularly. This was a full-sized, 4 oz. bottle of a high quality supplement. 

Visit to use this Coupon Code for $10 off (through December 31): ecocentricmom

Bathtime Baby ($14.50)

Bathtime Baby

Bathtime Baby is a gentle combination body wash/shampoo that cleans baby’s delicate skin. It contains ingredients like Shea Butter, aloe leaf juice, calendula and chamomile oil. It’s a perfect blend for baby’s hair and body. Visit to see all their gentle, natural products for babies and kids. 

WooBamboo Toothbrush ($4.95)

WooBamboo Toothbrush

Did you know that over a billion nylon toothbrushes end up in landfills every year? Shocking, isn’t it? By using WooBamboo toothbrushes, you can protect the environment and keep your mouth healthy! The WooBamboo toothbrush is made with Earth-Friendly, sustainable bamboo. It features a biodegradable brush handle, it’s naturally anti-microbial, organic, non-toxic and BPA free. The bristles are made with the highest quality Dupont Tynex Bristles and it comes packaged in recycled materials. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Visit to use this Coupon Code for 20% Off:  ECOCENTRIC

Annie’s Organic Snack Mix ($1.19/1 oz pack)


This delicious Annie’s Homegrown Organic Snack Mix Bunnies Cheddar is made with 100% Organic valley cheddar cheese. It’s also certified organic, free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It’s delightfully addictive. I will admit, I ate the entire bag before my kids could even try it. Shhhh! I’ll never tell. Visit to learn more about their variety of organic food products. 

eco•ditty Reusable Sandwich Bags ($13.99) 


eco•ditty offers a variety of Eco-friendly, reusable bags for the Eco-conscious consumer. As a winner of the 2012 product of the year for Creative Child Magazine, this product proves to be both innovative and useful. I’m ready to switch from the landfill hogging plastic baggies to a more planet-friendly alternative and this product certainly fits the bill. It’s colorful, stylish and unique while serving an important purpose. 

Visit to use this Coupon Code for 20% Off (October 1 – November 15):  ECOCENTRIC




PureProC offers a line of Vitamin C products, handmade in small batches by scientists. Vitamin C is a natural and powerful antioxidant that promotes collagen production and is known to reverse the signs of aging. This line of products uses only the highest quality, pure ingredients to keep us Moms’ looking youthful and radiant. It’s also made in the USA and never tested on animals. That’s my kind of product! 

Visit to use this Coupon Code for 40% off (October 1 – October 31): ECOMOM

BioTerra Sleep Herbs ($4.99)


Bioterra Herbs offers a variety of natural, non-GMO supplements from sleep aids to immunity builders and detox. Since becoming a Mom, I’ve struggled with many sleepless nights. This is the perfect solution for those occasional sleepless nights. It’s also made with vegan, gluten-free ingredients, so just about anyone can use it. 

Visit Bioterra Herbs to use this Coupon code for 15% off (September 20-November 20): ECOCENTRICMOM

7th Heaven Natural Skin Masks ($2.99)

7th Heaven Skincare

There’s nothing more indulgent than treating your skin to a soothing treatment. That’s where 7th Heaven comes in. They offer an entire line of natural masks and skincare products. It was such a treat to use this natural facial mask and it felt good knowing there were no artificial or harmful chemicals in it. I definitely recommend this company for great skincare masks and rejuvenation. 

Visit 7th Heaven to use this Coupon code for 20% off (through December 31): ECOMOM2

Arora Creations ($3.99)

Arora Creations

Arora Creations supplies USDA-certified Organic Indian spice packets to enhance any meal.  The blend in my Ecocentric box (Bhindi Masala) was designed for Asparagus, Okra or String Beans. These packets make it a breeze to add delicious flavor to delicate greens. Delicious, simple and organic! My husband and I savored the enticing flavors after using this packet. 

Jillian Wright Serum ($75.00/29 mL bottle)

The Jillian Wright “Breakout Blocker” Serum is a unique blend of ingredients including probiotics, chinese herbs and tea tree oil. It’s designed to be non-irritating and non-drying while providing brightening of the skin, reduction in redness and bacteria control without harmful ingredients. I don’t personally suffer from acne and I have very sensitive skin, so I didn’t try this product but passed it on to a friend who is absolutely in love with it! 

Join Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom works hard every day to bring Moms’ the latest and greatest Eco-friendly, natural products. Let them do all the hard work and allow yourself to be introduced to the most environmentally friendly products on the market today. You will enjoy great products in full-sized or large sample sized containers that you’re sure to love. Each product in the box is chosen with Moms’, Moms’-to-be or Moms’ and Babies in mind. Visit Ecocentric Mom to learn more, Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Join the Eco-friendly movement and let Ecocentric Mom help you along your natural journey! 

*Disclosure: My family was provided with a Mom’s Discovery Box for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. Please visit our Disclosure Page for additional information about our disclosure policy. 


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Nicole is the owner, primary blogger and copy editor of Organic Sunshine. She has a passion for healthy, natural living and hopes to encourage others to live a similar lifestyle. Nicole has a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and over 10 years of experience working in Cancer Research. She's also an experienced content writer, producing high quality articles on a variety of topics for many online publications.

Author: Nicole

Nicole is the owner, primary blogger and copy editor of Organic Sunshine. She has a passion for healthy, natural living and hopes to encourage others to live a similar lifestyle. Nicole has a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and over 10 years of experience working in Cancer Research. She's also an experienced content writer, producing high quality articles on a variety of topics for many online publications.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I’m always looking for natural products. Beautiful pictures too by the way!

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    • Thanks so much! Subscription boxes are a fun way to try new products and this particular box is amazing. It’s so different to receive full-sized bottles rather than tiny sample sizes. 🙂

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  2. This sounds like a wonderful treat. You get to discover new products and test them out before taking a big plung.

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    • It really is a terrific subscription box Natasha! I’m loving every product in it. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! I will have a unique review on your product in the next week or so. We really love it!

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  3. Great review. I am always on the look out for organic products for myself and my family. It can be difficult to weed through all of the products though. I am definitely going to check this service out!

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    • It’s definitely my favorite subscription box Tricia. I’ve reviewed several different boxes. This one is great because they offer large sample sizes and full-sized products. Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂

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