Aerogarden Product Review

If you love gardening, you probably miss your garden during the fall and winter months. I’m here to tell you, it’s not necessary to give up your garden just because the weather’s turning harsh. I enjoy having fresh herbs on hand, especially for Thanksgiving and during the winter months. Nothing gives food that comforting flavor and feel better than fresh herbs. My secret weapon to keep a little garden growing when it’s too cold outside is the Aerogarden. This handy little device allows you to grow herbs indoors, year round! If this sounds like something you would enjoy, continue reading for my Aerogarden Product Review.

What is the Aerogarden?

Before I talk about my experience with the Aerogarden, let me give you a brief description of this product. Basically, the Aerogarden is an indoor hydroponic/aeroponic system created by a company called Aerogrow. I’m sure you’ve seen a commercial or walked by one of these handy growing devices in your local Bed, Bath & Beyond. They offer several different sizes, depending on what you’re looking to grow. Aerogrow even started offering cute designs like a lady bug, a bumble bee, a penguin and even a spotted cow! The little lady bug and bumble bee are pretty cute, although I prefer a more classic look for my indoor garden.
The Aerogarden is simple to use. It comes complete with lights, is fully automated and even includes pre-measured fertilizer for your plants. When you order additional seed kits for your Aerogarden, those come with additional fertilizer as well.

My Aerogarden Arrives

My husband Mark has a particular love and passion for hydroponic gardening, so when he heard about the Aerogarden he ordered one right away. He chose the the Aerogarden 7, which has 7 openings for plants. I will admit, I thought he was a little crazy when I first opened the box. Surprisingly, when we took it out of the box it was already assembled and ready to grow right away.

My Initial Experience with the Aerogarden

We decided to grow herbs as our first experiment with the Aerogarden. Mark knows how much I love cooking with fresh herbs, so he got me a complete herb kit to fill the Aergarden. We had 7 different herbs and found a diagram online so we knew which herbs to plant in the front, in the back and on the sides. Depending on the height of each plant, they tend to do better planted in certain areas of the Aerogarden.

Basically what you get with the herb kit are 7 little pods containing herb seeds. The pods fit directly into the holes in the Aerogarden. You just fill the reservoir tank with water and one fertilizer packet and then stick the seed pods into the garden, plug it in, set the timer and let it grow. I was surprised to see how quickly most of the seeds sprouted. Within a week I was able to take the incubation caps off the seed pods and I had actual baby herb plants.

Growing with the Aerogarden

Since my initial experience with the Aerogarden I have grown a variety of herbs, tomatoes and lettuce. When my kids have friends over to play, they are always amazed that we have edible plants growing inside our house. The cool thing is that the kids can help with the Aerogarden because it’s so simple to use. Since the system is fully automated, you get an alert when the water level is low and when it’s time to add nutrients. It even turns the light on and off automatically, based on which phase of the growth the plants are in. It really is an amazing device.

Positives of the Aerogarden

The Aerogarden is a great system for growing herbs and lettuce from my experience. It really makes the whole process quick and easy. Growing in the Aerogarden is much more efficient than growing outdoors. The plants sprout earlier and grow faster. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about pests attacking your growing garden because it’s inside.

The system itself couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is watch for alerts and trim the plants when they start getting too close to the lights. It is important to learn the proper method for trimming your plants as they grow. Aerogrow suggests trimming lettuce when it gets too close to the lights so you never have to raise the light bar. This makes the lettuce grow thicker instead of getting stringy. I used the “haircut method” for my lettuce and that seemed to work well. The herbs have different grooming methods as well. It is important to trim your lettuce and herbs regularly so one plant doesn’t hog all the light.

Negatives of the Aerogarden

I will admit, my experience with the tomatoes in the Aerogarden wasn’t so great. Tomatoes really get too big and gangly for such a small system. They grow much better in a large pot or in the ground outside in my opinion. We ended up pulling out the tomatoes after only getting maybe a handful because the plants were so out of control.

Do I recommend the Aerogarden?

My overall experience with the Aerogarden has been great. I love having fresh herbs and lettuce right in my kitchen. When you plant a new crop in your Aerogarden you can only expect to get a few months out of the plants. After they’ve been growing for awhile it’s time to pull them out and refresh the system. But all-in-all, this is a great easy to use indoor growing option. I really don’t know what I would do without my Aerogarden at this point.

It makes a great gift as well. The Holiday’s are right around the corner. If you have a cook or gardener in your life, this is a great gift option. I can guarantee it will be a welcome gift and something that will be used for years to come. If your loved one is totally hooked on the Aerogarden after growing with it, which I bet they will be, you can continue buying them gifts from time to time to keep the system running at peak performance. New lights, new seed kits, new filters. It’s like the charm bracelet for cooks and gardeners! Well, you know what I mean.


The Aerogarden by Aerogrow makes a great addition to any home. It’s easy to use, fully automated, efficient and attractive. Doesn’t get much better than that! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who enjoys cooking or gardening. As I mentioned, it also makes a great gift for the upcoming Holidays. It really is a great system, and I recommend it highly for growing indoor herbs and lettuce.
I hope you found my Aerogarden Product Review helpful.



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Nicole is the owner, primary blogger and copy editor of Organic Sunshine. She has a passion for healthy, natural living and hopes to encourage others to live a similar lifestyle. Nicole has a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and over 10 years of experience working in Cancer Research. She's also an experienced content writer, producing high quality articles on a variety of topics for many online publications.

Author: Nicole

Nicole is the owner, primary blogger and copy editor of Organic Sunshine. She has a passion for healthy, natural living and hopes to encourage others to live a similar lifestyle. Nicole has a bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration and over 10 years of experience working in Cancer Research. She's also an experienced content writer, producing high quality articles on a variety of topics for many online publications.

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  1. Wow, what a crazy-neat idea! Too cool! Very thorough review, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    • Thanks so much Katie! I’m addicted to the Aerogarden, and it’s perfect for growing fresh herbs. They have all-new models out right now. I may have to try one.

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  2. These are cute. I like them better than chia pets

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  3. Aerogarden is a interesting product. Bought one a couple years ago, but will never buy another. Partly because of how much they hate their customers and partly because it’s cheaper and better to build one yourself. The day after I ordered mine, I have gotten spam from them 2-3 times a day, just ridiculous. It doesn’t hold enough water, there is no water level indicator and really not enough room to grow more than a plant or 2. For less money you can build your own with many examples online. imo, it’s just not worth the spam or the money.

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    • I agree Gerald, if you’re a handy person building your own is a great option! The Aerogarden is perfect for beginners or someone unfamiliar with this type of growing. It’s a bummer you got spammed by them. I’m not affiliated with them, but I do enjoy growing herbs in my Aerogarden. Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Those are ridiculously expensive herbs!! A pot with a lamp fitted with a hardware or Home Deport grow light will do the same thing. I had a HORRIBLE experience with the company and their product – a most disreputable and dishonest company. I would submit some of the pictures I sent to the company of the broken unit I received – it was still in the plastic bag which was inside the box shipped along with 8 other pictures of the broken components. I got a quick emai reply that intimated they would replace the unit

    To becky caldwell May 11

    Thank you for your email.

    Oh my gosh. These photos show terrible damage. I am sorry but I cannot imagine all that happened in transit whether shipped loosely or not. Even the cord was severed. I highly suspect this was a return that we received damaged and accidentally got sent out to you. We certainly apologize and want you to know we don’t receive these kind of reports with this extensive damage. We have forwarded them along to our operations department for review. Thank you for sending them to us.

    We have submitted a replacement AG7 LED order today. The seed starting system was only offered while supplies last and supplies for that item sold out about a week before your order was placed. However, we have sent you a deluxe grow anything kit at no charge instead.

    The Gourmet Herb Seed Kit will also be included with your new garden shipment)

    It has been many weeks and it has never arrived and when I write, I get a run around. They have kept my money, $180+, but have not delivered what was paid for 5 weeks ago!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY

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    • Thanks for the insight Becky. I’m so sorry to hear you had that bad experience. What a shame!

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