Children’s Books

Children’s Books

Children are constantly learning as they grow. From the time they’re born, kids are absorbing the world around them. Whether or not we’re aware, our kids are taking in every sight, sound, smell and taste. Their little minds are constantly developing and as parents it’s our job to help them grow and instill a love of learning!

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make learning fun

The best way to encourage a love of learning is by reading to your children. There are a variety of great Children’s Books to choose from. Visit your local library and invest in a collection of books you love. Having books on-hand is a great way to ensure your kids are reading or being read to every single day. 

Since starting this blog, I have been introduced to many new up and coming children’s authors. I’m excited to share these wonderful books with you and your family. My kids look forward to our nightly book. Even my 9 year old who reads on a 6th grade level enjoys listening to me read at night. We all snuggle in the bed together and read together. Nightly reading is a great habit to start with your children and it will last a lifetime! 

I hope you love the books and new authors I’m sharing with you. If you’re a children’s author and would like me to review your book CONTACT ME. I would love to read your book with my children and share it on my site. I welcome a variety of books, but I especially love books that encourage a healthy lifestyle. Let’s read! 

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