Young Living Membership

Young Living Membership

I’ve tried a variety of essential oil and have had amazing results. Through my journey of natural living I’ve chosen one brand of essential oils I feel proud to stand behind. The brand is Young Living and I want to teach and share this brand with my whole heart. I believe in everything this company does! 

Why I Chose Young Living

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Young Living produces the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. It’s as simple as that. As soon as I learned about their seed to seal commitment, I knew I this was my forever brand. At Young Living, they’re involved in the production of the oils from
the very beginning of seed selection through the growth, distillation, testing, sealing and packaging of their essential oils. They own their own farms and use essential oil for pest control of their crops. Young Living oils are truly pure and natural. I love their commitment to clean, natural, pure essential oil. 


“We believe that you and your family deserve products that are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and of unmatched purity. Seed to Seal is both a promise to you and a reflection of our sense of global stewardship.”

Through each step of the production process on both Young Living’s own farms and partner farms, they use the most exacting standards possible to make their products, our life, and the earth better. Only one company can make the Seed to Seal promise. Only Young Living. 
If you’re new to essential oils, this is a great way to get started. When you join Young Living as a member there are NO OBLIGATIONS. Although I’ve chosen to be a distributor, you don’t have to with your membership. Think of it like a Sam’s or Costco membership. You buy into the wholesale club to reap the benefits!  

A Common Misconception

Becoming a Young Living Wholesale member doesn’t mean you sell anything, it only means that you’re buying oils at wholesale prices from Young Living.

When you consider becoming a Young Living Wholesale member, understand that there are no other obligations, no minimum purchases, no membership fees, you’re never required to sell anything, just enjoy the member benefits of purchasing all your future products at 24% off retail pricing.

Your Young Living Wholesale membership grants you a few things:

  • Save 24% on every Young Living purchase.
  • Save even more with Essential Rewards, up to 20% more.
  • Earn free products with monthly promotions.
  • No monthly obligations or membership fees.

How Do I Become A Wholesale Member?


All you need is a Starter Kit. There are a lot of starter kits available for you to start your Young Living wholesale membership, but there is only ONE kit worth purchasing, if you’re looking for a solid deal. That’s the Premium Starter Kit

Visit my Young Living Website for more information about essential oil and all the options available for membership.



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